Upcoming events

The Incubator and Accelerator Network runs regular member calls and events featuring workshops, expert briefings, policy briefings and peer support. These include:

  • visits to leading incubators in the UK and abroad
  • 5th annual conference in June 2022

Members can find all upcoming events on our calendar by signing in to the member platform. To learn more about our events and to discuss joining the network, please contact the CFE team via networks@centreforentrepreneurs.org

Previous events

  • 4th February 2022: member call to help shape CFE incubator and accelerator mapping study
  • 9th November 2021: member call to discuss incubation membership models.
  • 15-16th September 2021: 4th annual conference
  • 15th June 2021: member call to discuss conference plans, BEIS strategic engagement, and plans for a national pitch series
  • 20th May 2021: member call to discuss buildings and spaces with Nottingham Trent University and the University of Hertfordshire
  • 22nd April 2021: member call to discuss entrepreneur in residence schemes with YearHere, University of Portsmouth, and the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • 17th March 2021: member call to discuss online programme engagement
  • 17th February 2021: member call featuring UCL to discuss monitoring and evaluation of incubation programmes
  • 19th January 2021: member call to introduce new community manager, launch member resources collection, and discuss 2021 plans
  • 25th November 2020: member call to discuss the latest impact of Covid restrictions
  • 23rd September 2020: member call to discuss changes in design and delivery of business support as a result of Covid
  • 8th July 2020: member call to discuss reopening spaces post-lockdown
  • 9th June 2020: member call featuring Oxford Innovation and Imperial College London discussing maker spaces
  • 21st April 2020: member call featuring London Business School and the University of Hertfordshire discussing alumni engagement
  • 2nd April 2020: member call to discuss responses to the Covid crisis
  • 20th March 2020: member call to discuss responses to the Covid crisis
  • 11-12th March 2020: 3rd annual conference
  • 6th February 2020: member call discussing entrepreneurs’ mental wellbeing, and how to engage institutional senior management
  • 6th November 2019: virtual tour of the University of Oxford’s Oxford Foundry and interview with its exec director Ana Bakshi, plus a research scoping discussion with Fumi Kitagawa of the University of Edinburgh Business School
  • 23rd October 2019: joint event with Enterprise Educators UK at the University of Salford (University incubators: building a sustainable model)
  • 4th-6th September 2019: IAN delegation to IEEC
  • 3rd July 2019: virtual tour of the University of the West of England’s new enterprise space and interview with Alex Till, chair of the National Enterprise Network and CEO of MENTA, the Suffolk and Norfolk enterprise agency
  • 5th June 2019: virtual tour of Farm491 (Royal Agricultural University) and research briefing from Jonathan Bone (Nesta)
  • 1st May 2019: virtual tour of Launchpad Teesside (Teesside University)
  • 3rd April 2019: virtual tour of Alacrity Foundation and discussion with Jenny Tooth (UK Business Angels Association)
  • 6th March 2019: virtual tour of SETsquared Bristol and interview Monika Radclyffe (SETsquared Bristol)
  • 6th-7th February 2019: 2nd annual conference
  • 29th November 2018: best-practice workshop ‘A journey through space: A design tour of Cambridge incubators’ visiting ideaSpace, the Bradfield Centre, the Maxwell Centre and the British Antarctic Survey incubator, Aurora
  • 17th October 2018: best-practice workshop ‘Dominating your niche: the pros and cons of a sector-specific incubator’ at Farm491, an agri-tech incubator at the Royal Agricultural University
  • 2nd May 2018: best-practice workshop at the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (London College of Fashion)
  • 28 March 2018: best-practice workshop at Innospace (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • 6-7 February 2018: inaugural annual conference